Use Video to Sell

Online retail is highly competitive, so you’ve got to do everything you can to increase your advantage over your competition and also to maximise your chance of converting a viewer into a customer. Using video can help you to achieve both of those goals.

Video has proven to be effective at connecting with your audience. The right video will enable you to explain what you product or service does and ensure that the information they receive is more memorable than reading a text document or PDF.

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A constant professional, nothing was too much trouble. Ali Liddy, Senior Account Manager, Wire Media Ltd.
A major US retailer discovered 90% of its online shoppers find video helpful in making buying decisions.
Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product having watched a video.comScore
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Explainer Videos

Letting potential customers know why your product or service is so amazing is critical. Video enables you to showcase all the best features and benefits in an easy to understand and engaging way.

Boost Search Ranking

Having a video on your website or product page will increase the chance of it appearing on the first page of search engine results. While a page one result can never be guaranteed, using video has proven to give your content an excellent boost.

Increase Conversion

By providing more information to a visitor about your product or service they feel far more comfortable in making the commitment to buy. With video you are able to focus your message and ensure that they receive the information most likely to convert them from a visitor into a customer.


Today’s consumer loves to share and video is one of the most popular things to share. Having a video about your product or service is critical to the likelihood of it being shared with their friends, and with social media that could mean 1,000’s more people get to see your message.

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Engaging Personality

People respond to other people. If you’ve got an amazing product then use your passion and enthusiasm for it to get other people excited about it.

Customer Engagement

There is no guarantee that you’ll sell out of a product just because you added an amazing video, however what is far more certain is that visitors will take some form of action having watched it.

Available 24/7

Although your sales team is unlikely to be available at 11 o’clock at night, if you have a video which represents the very best bits of your sales and marketing message, then it’s easy to be able to keep selling at all times of the day or night.

90% of consumers make decisions after watching an online video.Forrester

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Maximise Your Sales

Get a professional video for your product or service and get more interest, shares and sales.

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