Use Video to Entertain

People Love Video

Close-up of Pidgin Perfect model.With the combination of visual and audio information, wrapped up in a compelling story, it is no great surprise that people love video. The use of video to entertain and inspire is increasing every year and your customers, visitors and potential leads are expecting to see more and more video.

28% of smartphone owners will watch videos on their phones in an average month. [Experian]

As more and more people use their smartphones to access, well, everything, they love to be able to watch video clips anytime and anywhere. Making sure that you are able to provide them with great content will have lots of benefits.

Visitors who view videos on a retail website stay an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t watch videos.comScore
A very successful project from start to finish. Nic worked well with both the staff and young people and produced a high quality film. Mark Benson, Participation Manager, Action for Children

People Love People

Seeing a smiling face and the human connection that the viewer gets from that can make using video a very powerful marketing and promotional tool.

It is therefore understandable that one of the key techniques in modern marketing is to create compelling content. This will lead to shares which will lead to links which will get your message to a wider audience.

Better Engagement

Having video on your website, posted to your social media channels or discoverable through YouTube will make your brand or product more “sticky”. That is, they will stay longer and engage more with you.

They are also more likely to share your content with their friends and colleagues. If the video happens to be fun and entertaining then even more people will want to share it.

Keep Visitors Longer

Attracting people online can be brutal, as well as expensive. With so much competition and other distractions, your website has a matter of seconds to appeal to a visitor or they’re off.

By providing a video for them to watch you can increase the chances of them extending their stay and ensure that they get all the important information about you.

Encouraging the visitor to invest some of their valuable time in learning more about you can be very beneficial, as they are far more likely to start to make connections and to buy-in to your brand or product.

David Morgan interview for LinkedIn profile

“I’m looking for a one-handed lawyer” – David Morgan Case Study.

Connect with Potential Customers

Video can help you to make a connection with people and then get them to share your message with others.

Entertain Your Audience